Wheel In The Middle Of A Wheel
Explained For The First Time As You've Never Heard It Before
From The Most Ancient Texts Predating The Bible
Dr. Scott McQuate

Ezekiel's Wheel In A Wheel Explained By Dr. Scott McQuate


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  • Dr. Scott McQuate's www.WheelInTheMiddleOfAWheel.com finally explains Ezekiel's wheel and answers the questions, was there a ufo in the Bible? Is there evidence of this object today? What significance does it have for you personally in these End Times? and much more? You will learn facts about Ezekiel's Wheel In The Middle Of A Wheel that you've never heard before. The mystery of the wheel in the middle of a wheel Ezekiel saw or simply known as the wheel within wheel lore holds many secrets never uncovered before now, These all-important secrets of Ezekiel and the wheel are now uncovered from the most ancient of texts predating the Bible, If you've ever wondered about Ezekiel and the wheel within a wheel, wonder no more, Ezekiel saw the wheel, but ezekiel vision of the wheel is more accurately described as a sphere within a sphere. To say this was Ezekiel spaceship is not entirely accurate, and to say it was a ufo in the bible is only a piece of the puzzle. In this explanation, you will understand how the wheel of ezekiel and the abomination of desolation are inextricably linked to the all-important prophecy for our time, the parable of the fig tree. Whether you're looking for an answer to the story of Ezekiels wheel, the prophecy of Ezekiel, Ezekiel and the wheel or any related topic, www.WheelInAWheel.net is the site that has the answers. Learn what you've never learned before! What you learn here is available nowhere else on the planet, guaranteed.

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"Your teachings are awesome. Thank you for your clarity. I will be waiting anxioiusly for your next teaching." 

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